Seaside Pet Clinic

900 24th Ave.
Seaside, OR 97138


At Seaside Pet Clinic we strive for a warm and friendly relationship with you and your pet. This page highlights the staff- our training, experience, and dedication to veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Gladney graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.  He is a Portland native and was serving in the United States Army, living in the heartland state of Nebraska, before coming back to his home in the Pacific Northwest in 2016.

Dr. Gladney is owned by a happy bull terrier named very accurately, "Happy", a goofy & playful chocolate lab "Grizz," and an adorable boxer puppy, "Molly." He also has two rambunctious felines, "Jem & Tuesday."

The thing he loves most about working at Seaside Pet Clinic is not only being able to fulfill his passion of helping animals, but the client interaction. Dr. Gladney loves building relationships with his clients and getting to know all the wonderful people along the Oregon Coast. 

When he isn't at the clinic, Dr. G enjoys rooting for the Green Bay Packers, fishing, and Endurocross dirt bike racing. He's also a big fan of Star Wars and enjoys the occasional root beer float or apple fritter. 

You would be surprised to know that Dr. Gladney clearly has a serious sweet tooth (see above) 

In the field since: 2018. Previously working at Petco specializing in aquatics and now loving the vet tech life.  

Owned by:  An adorable & loving ferret, "Yoshi" and a ferociously cute feline, "Jinx"

What I love about what I do: Working with the cute animals and the rewarding feeling from helping the sick ones. 

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm binge watching shark week and documentaries, painting/drawing, & traveling with my boyfriend.

You would be surprised to know that: I've driven across the country 4 times and I hum when I eat...I'm just that happy about food. 


In the field since: 2022, and loving every moment!

Owned by: A one eyed kitty "Winks" (pun totally intended,) a CHONKY kitty "Felix," and the sweetest pit ever, "Mylo." and now yet another kitty "Sofa," my latest foster failure. 

What I love about what I do: I have always loved animals and I really enjoy the rewarding feeling of being able to help them when they are sick. 

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm exploring my new home (We just moved to the area!,) going to the beach, and hiking with my fur baby.

You would be surprised to know that: I am from sunny California and I love playing Piano!