Seaside Pet Clinic

900 24th Ave.
Seaside, OR 97138


At Seaside Pet Clinic we strive for a warm and friendly relationship with you and your pet. This page highlights the staff- our training, experience, and dedication to veterinary medicine. 

 Dr. Jason Gladney

Dr. Gladney graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.  He is a Portland native and was serving in the United States Army, living in the heartland state of Nebraska, before coming back to his home in the Pacific Northwest in 2016.

Dr. Gladney is owned by a "happy" bull terrier named very accurately, Happy. He also has two rambunctious felines, Jem & Tuesday. 

The thing he loves most about working at Seaside Pet Clinic is not only being able to fulfill his passion of helping animals, but the client interaction. Dr. Gladney loves building relationships with his clients and getting to know all the wonderful people along the Oregon Coast. 

When he isn't at the clinic, Dr. G enjoys rooting for the Green Bay Packers, fishing, and Endurocross dirt bike racing. He's also a big fan of Star Wars and enjoys the occasional root beer float. 

You would be surprised to know that Dr. Gladney is an excellent knitter!


In the field since: 2019! Brand new and loving it. 

Owned by: Zuko, an aggressively loving German Shepherd.

What I love most about what I do: I love the beach and vacation atmosphere of Seaside. It's great to meet clients 

from all parts of the country and be able to help them. The puppy time isn't bad either!

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm working out, exploring Seaside ,or I'm in line at Dutch Bros. getting ANOTHER iced caramelizer. 

You would be suprised to know that: I'm a certified chiropractic assistant, I have been riding horses since I was 3, and I'm terrified of ladybugs.


 In the field since: 2013 and don't feel I'll ever leave!

Owned by: A neurotic Siberian Husky "Daphne" & two wonderfully, terrible cats "Kreacher" and "Voodoo."

What I love about what I do: Dogs & cats are loving and loyal creatures, being able to help them when they can't speak or help themselves is incredibly rewarding. I also love that veterinary medicine is constantly changing and there's always something new to learn. 

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm spending time with my Coastie with the mostie, cooking, traveling, & pinterest project failing. I'm also currently battling a strong addiction to amazon prime, iced coffee, and Elton John. 

You would be surprised to know that: I used to instruct tae kwon do & I'm originally from Oklahoma & Sunny Florida.


In the field since: 2019 and it's awesome

Owned by: A chihuahua named Oliver wife. 

What I love about what I do: All of the puppies and kittens, of course. 

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm enjoying the outdoors(I've recently started mountain biking)

and feeding my Dutch Bros. addiction.

You would be surprised to know that: I'm a former Marine and an EXCELLENT line dancer

(obviously someone wrote this for me.)


In the field since: 2019. Started volunteering after school and have worked to become a Veterinary Assistant.

Owned by: 4 mischievous cats: Voodoo, Ophelia, Maynard, & Charlie.

What I love about what I do: There is always something new and exciting each day!

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm hiking with friends or studying biology at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! 

You would be surprised to know that: I have moved quite a few times! Before graduating in 2020 I had attended 7 different schools. I'm also quite a great cook! 


In the field since: 2011, Certified in grooming from the Animal Behavioral College in Santa Clarita, CA.

Owned by: Jon Jon my adventurous dachshund mix.

What I love most about what I do: The transformation from dirty dog to clean and pawsitively ready for a family photo!

When I'm not at Seaside Pet Clinic: I'm spending time enjoying the outdoors, hiking with my dog, and taking photos. 

You would be surprised to know that: I have no social media accounts. AT ALL.