Seaside Pet Clinic

900 24th Ave.
Seaside, OR 97138


We regularly offer 10% discounts for senior citizens, military, and police officers. 

We also offer monthly specials and prevention promotions throughout the year. 

Please take a look at the specials drop down menu for more information. 

Our pets can't speak.  They cannot tell us if they feel unwell or have some other indication of internal illness. We NEED to examine them on a regular basis and run routine diagnostics and screening to detect underlying diseases before it is clinically apparent. Because of this, we want to help our clients with the ability to have regular screening done. Come in for boosters, an annual exam, or just because and ask any of our staff about the discounts available for preventative testing. 

Annual Preventative Exam Discounts:

  • $55 off preventative bloodwork
  • $10 off fecal parasite exams
  • $20 off heartworm tests
  • $20 off feline combo FIV/felv tests